Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where the Wild Things don't like to go!

Where is the place that the Wild Things don't like to go you ask? My bedroom! Ha! So, as you may have gathered, I saw 'Where the Wild Things Are' and let me tell you, it was pretty wild. I was scared most of the time that these 'Wild Things' would either accidently sit on the child or suddenly claw his face off. It was quite a decent film though. I feel like the children need a change from the condescending Disney movies. The characters were just like real life, big, hairy children. They weren't from Eastern Europe though. Chortle. But the film really dealt with issues that I myself, and I'm sure most people dealt with in their own childhood, perhaps without the Wild Things, or maybe with. Depends how many real friends they had.

So, tonight at dinner, I took a leaf out of Max's book (The little boy in the film). I decided I would eat at the table how I wanted to eat. Find that inner child but instead, ended up in an argument with my dad about being a civilised person.
He was all like, 'It's bad manners.'
I'm like, 'I don't need manners when I'm around my family.'
And he says, 'It's just part of being civilised.'
And I said, 'You know what else is part of being civilised? Coming to Australia and attempting to civilise Aborigines by wiping them out.'
'I don't want to argue about this.' He replies.
'I'm not arguing. I just have a different philosophy to you.' Then mum came in and we both shut up.

It's funny, I don't normally have ridiculous arguments like that. Just in the last week, because I have started a blog, my mind stays in blog mode and everything I see has to be commented on or critiqued. 
'How dare they charge us VMAX prices without offering us another cinema.'
'Why the Hell wouldn't Australia Post make boxes with padding inside? Not everyone mails fragile things in bags.'
'Pandora bracelets are a shameless scam.' (As if no one knew that. Why do i care? I'm not going to ever need to wear one.)
'That man is fat.'
In summary, none of these things are going to have an effect on my life. Its like those people who talk about famous singers or actors. 
'They're not even talented. They don't write their own music. Blah blah blah.'
'Well, you do realise, you don't have to listen them?'
'Look at those paparazzi photos of them. What show offs!'
'Again, no one is asking you to look at them. Are you jealous or something?'
The reason why they are not responding to my comments is because I am saying these things in my head. Maybe one day, these things will exist in real life, and not just in my blog...

The end of yet another chapter in this blogtastic culmination of my thoughts. Until my next adventure, exploring the land of the wild ways of the human person,

Au revoir!
The man making the strange noises coming from the back corner

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  1. It's so funny we all blog all the time but we never comment and i think that thats meant to be half the fun so heres a comment:
    Cheyne haha i like the last sentence ;)