Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Left Foot 2 - My Left Eye

It's actually called 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." Its a French film. I watched it today. Was pretty good. The photo makes it look like my right eye is open but don't be fooled. I didn't know how to flip it. In the film, it just seemed so apparent how similar it was to 'My Left Foot' the film where Daniel Day Lewis can only move his left foot. However, in Diving Bell, its much more severe. 

The guy can only move his left eye! 'Blink once for yes, twice for no.' How strange that it is also the left side? I'm not going to say the writer copied the other movie because they are both true stories. And both of them are based on autobiographies written by the afflicted men. How, you may ask, does a man who can only use his right eye, who can't even speak, write a novel? Well, its very difficult. A woman sits in front of him, and counts out the alphabet and when she says the right letter, he blinks and she rights it down, every single letter, for a whole novel. It would seriously suck being that guy. I couldn't think of anything worse, ever! Having a vegetable body but a completely functioning mind. In the old days, people would assume that the person was just a vegetable and leave them in darks rooms by themselves or in mental hospitals. The poor person on the inside just suffers with their own thoughts. Its like that guy recently, who was apparently in a coma. For 23 years his mind has been fully aware of everything around him. The doctor diagnosed him wrong.
'Oopsy Daisy! Why didn't you just say something?' Cries the doctor.
'.....' replies the man.
'There he goes again with the silent treatment.'

Anyway, back to the film. It really crushed me, one of those films that gives you hope for the future, and keeps on feeding you until wham! bang, smack! There goes your heart, they just ripped it out completely! Now they're stepping on it. It was a good story though. The main actor in it: Loved him!

He's the villain in Quantum of Solace, the latest Bond film which was complete opposite of what i wanted it to be. This guy though, every time i see him, I think 'Wow! He looks exactly like Roman polanski, straight out of Chinatown.' Really though, if I said to him, 'Hey buddy. molested any minors lately?' he would know exactly what i was talking about. So I went on IMDB, naturally, to confirm my thoughts with people who spend their days posting their little insights on the forums. Its definitely geek central. I wouldn't call them nerds because I don't think they are very clever. I found what I was looking for; several people had brought the subject up. So I was quite pleased. But then, what I found next was really interesting. It turns out, this actor's mother was born in the same village that Roman polanski grew up in! I know right. This really isn't that interesting.

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